SCAR22_06.11: MorEm | 20

één dag / 389 mijlen / 8 uur 5 minuten

Continuing with the theme of the Southern California Motorcycling Association 2022 CA Best 15 Roads -- this time it's Mormon Emigrant Trail between 88 and Pollock Pines, and Hwy 20 from Marysville to U.S. 80.

Meet at the Old Well Cafe in Drytown. We'll leave around 8 AM and head up Shake Ridge Road from Sutter Creek. Total miles for the day will be around 390 on the planned route. You're welcome to ride along for some or all of the route. For those interested in a shorter day, heading back toward Sacramento once reaching 80 is a shorter option than visiting Lake Tahoe and Emerald Bay.

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