Mosquito Road

één dag / 139 mijlen / 4 uur 16 minuten

A pleasant day of riding in the foothills. Join us for 7:30 breakfast at Mary's Gold Miner Cafe if you like, or meet us at 8:15 AM for the pre-ride chat.

~140 miles on the planned route. Details are HERE. Send me a message with your email address if you would like a more detailed view of the route map.

The ride route features a lot of narrow, twisty, beautiful back roads. The Mosquito Road bridge over the South Fork American River is narrow and tricky, and the zig zag up the hill immediately after is steep with sharp switchbacks. This section should be avoided by anyone who is still working to build riding confidence on their bike, or those who have been there...done that...and would prefer to kick back and keep cruising a bit more. An alternate route through Placerville and up 193 to Georgetown will be available. Lunch will be in Georgetown, and then ride back to Folsom.

I look forward to the ride together. I plan to ride safe and sober while on the route, and I ask that you do the same.

Bob K
Road Captain

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